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Hello, my name is John.  In 2013 I was diagnosed with Ischemic Optic Neuropathy.  Basically I am leagally blind.  As you can imagine I was scared, overwhelmed, I didn't know what to do or how to do the things I use to do.  I went through the 5 stages of loss. The why me's.  You get the picture.  Being legally blind is too much for one to handle.  I feel for those who have it worse.  My good friend has a saying, I thought I had it bad when I had no shoes for my feet, until I saw somebody who had no feet.


By the grace of God I was introduced to BESB, Bureau of Education and Services for the Blind.  With their help, I had to learn the simple things I took for granted, all over again but in a different way.  But with proper training and equipment that I could overcome this new disability, that I could live a full and normal life.  BESB suggested I do the things I use to enjoy, a hobby, things I enjoyed in the past.  I was a candle maker.  That was my hobby.  It was my therapy.  I started playing with way again but that was not enough. I wanted more.  I wanted to give back so I volunteered at a soup kitchen.  That helped fill a void but I still felt a calling.  That is when I began my journey of Candles for a Cause USA.  My plan is to make a wide variety of candles and retail them.  Portions of the profits will go to BESB and other charitable foundations.  This will be my way of giving back.  This will help me feel like I'm doing my part in makeing the world a better place.  


Open your hearts, light a candle and receive the gift of giving.  I have to believe that what happened to me happened for a reason.  I may never know that reason but that's ok.  I will make it through this. 


Candles for a Cause USA is now giving in ways I couldn't even imagine.  I recently was able to donate 9 magnify glass which retail at $70 each to BESB.  


We have donated to many schools through fundraising with our soy candles.  And we plan on doing more.  


Thank you for taking time to get to know me and Candles for a Cause USA.





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